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Case Study

WTF Is Graphic Design?

Promotional Video

Project Brief

"So what exactly do you do...?" isn't always the easiest question to answer after telling someone you're a graphic designer. My go to answer is usually "I make logos".

"WTF is Graphic Design?" is an exhibit that explores the interpretations (and misinterpretations) of graphic design.

WTFISGD Animation Sample
Logo Design & Animation Sample

My Role

After every student pitched an idea for our graduation show, my concept "WTF is Graphic Design?" was selected as the winner by a panel of professional graphic designers.

As a result of the successful pitch I was chosen for the Creative Director role. I oversaw all aspects of the event; identity design, website design and development, video production, environmental design, and print design.

WTFISGD Brand Elements
Brand Elements

Once the branding for the show was decided, together, we gathered public opinions to the question: WTF Is Graphic Design? The answers poured in from students, the general public, and to our excitement, some rock-star designers

WTFISGD Website Mobile Screenshots
Exhibit Website - Link

Photo of Opening Night
Photo of Opening Night
Quotes on display
WTFISGD Pro Quotes Poster

Even with Mother Nature working against us, bringing a nasty storm causing power outages in the area hours before, "WTF is Graphic Design?" took place successfully on April 27th, 2017.

Photo of Opening Night
Photo of Opening Night
Exhibit setup hours before opening night

Photo of Opening Night
Opening night

Photo of Opening Night
Photo of Opening Night
Show swag


Coming into this project as a class, we knew that it was a loaded question. The graphic design field is a diverse field with countless nooks and crannies. We learnt it meant many different things to many different people. Our goal was to provide perspective and knowledge on the many facets of graphic design, and we were able to do that in a fun and approachable way.

Photo of the full WTFISGD Crew

I may have been the Creative Director of this exhibit but it wouldn't have amounted to anything without the unbelievable work of my peers. I couldn't have asked for a better group of classmates during my time at Cambrian College. I truly mean it when I say I'm lucky to call them friends as I move forward into my career.